Hello MASC!

Lay out those blueprints, take out your 2×4’s, put on your hard hats, and get ready to create something the world has never seen. Now calling for “MASC: Building a better leader”. I know that our state comes with the most well trained, brightest, and creative minds in the world, and our communities are ready to see what we can really do. MASC, are you ready to engineer, design, and conquer? With the help of your fellow construction crews, we will design and construct the most beautiful leadership towers the world has ever seen.
Before we can build, we must assemble our Project Managers at President’s Dinner, where our ideas will begin on the path of becoming realties. Our Project Managers will begin to assemble our efficient team of builders at Holy Cross for Officershop, where our crew will learn our strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to build our greatest masterpiece yet. In between our construction period, we will gather with fellow construction crews at our annual bocce tournaments, where we will open our construction sites to the public, and show our beautiful ideas coming to life. And lastly, our construction teams will meet in Hyannis, where our students will truly gaze upon the wondrous sites they have created. We will open our doors to the public, ready to provide others the wonderful amenities our student leaders have created.
These buildings that we create with our teams, will be no easy task. Throughout the journey, we will discover obstacles, adjust our blueprints, and gather new materials for all our objectives. Through the willingness of your state, region, and individual workforces, you will be able to find help at the click of a button. For help along the way, check out our frequently updated bulletin board of www.mastuco.net, to discover all the information you may need for events, conferences, the 2016-2017 Excellence Book, and so much more!! This website along with our Twitter @MA_StuCo and Instagram ma_stuco, will also provide you helpful tips, reminders, deadlines and so much more to maximize your output throughout the exciting year ahead!
These buildings that we create are more special than anything we have done as student leaders before. Unlike the wonderful journeys we have all taken in the past, these buildings we are creating are intended for the people who surround us every day. In the end, YOU will be able to gaze up at your skyscraper, and see first the impact it has made in your community. What is wonderful about our buildings, is they will all be unique. Different in stature, size, color, and purpose, but are all created by students leaders with the ambition of helping our peers. Thank you Massachusetts for continuing to create an environment that is welcoming to all, and creating an everlasting impact on those around you every day, whether in your schools, communities, or your state.
Now lets build leadership!
Best of Wishes,
Dan Madden
MASC President
North Reading High School