President’s Message 2017-12-19T22:41:59-05:00

Button up your lab coat, equip your safety goggles, and assemble your laboratory for its best procedure yet: “MASC Labs: Experimenting with Leadership.”

What lies before us will be no simple task, but I am more than confident that our state is home to the greatest assortment of curious, creative, and brilliant minds to get the job done. Are you ready to begin the procedure? With your assistance, the year ahead is bound to produce the most precise and accurate results any scientist could wish for.

First, we must gather our Lead Scientists at MASC’s President’s Dinner, where they will begin the year long process which closely follows the scientific method. After the dinner, the Presidents will carefully ask a question relating to their specific school. These questions, which will be brought to Officershop, will stay with the Lead Scientists throughout the entire year, in the hope to eventually formulate a solution which will better each and every school or Student Council of MASC. On top of this, Presidents will assemble their team of Scientists for when the state gathers at The College of the Holy Cross for Officershop. Here, Scientists from all over the state will convene to begin conducting research. As we research the different and various ways to better our school, we will rally our teams at our annual bocce tournament before meeting in Hyannis. At the 41st Annual MASC Spring Conference, we will use the research we have conducted to form a hypothesis, experiment, and analyze, before we draw a conclusion. It is this long awaited conclusion that we will go back to our schools with, in hopes of innovating our very schools and Student Councils.
The process of discovering these solutions with our fellow Scientists, will not be easy. During our experiments, it is expected that some of us will encounter setbacks and complications, distancing us from our goals. Through the help of your state, region, and school, your problems can be solved at the press of a button. For any necessary help along the way, is at your service. With a frequently updated bulletin, information regarding conferences and events, and instructions for the 2017-2018 MASC Excellence Book, our site is here to help! Our Twitter (@MA_StuCo) and Instagram (@ma_stuco) will also provide helpful reminders and more to ensure your participation throughout the phenomenal year ahead!

“MASC Labs: Experimenting with Leadership” will be like no other year before. Unlike the journeys to the beach and space, or the hard effort put into constructing better leaders, the results we unearth will leave a profound impact on our Student Councils and school communities, as well as us: the Scientists. After we bring the solutions back to our school, WE will be able to look around at the innovation we have brought. The best part about our experiments, are that they will all bring a different result to our schools. Outcomes that are different in size, impact, and purpose, will all similarly be created by the best leaders that Massachusetts has to offer. Thank you MASC, you have created a positive environment for everyone in our state, and you continue to create an impact every day for the lives of those in your schools, communities, and state. Your work is unmatched.

Now let’s start Experimenting with Leadership.
Looking forward,

Ian Gilson
MASC President
Middleborough High School