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MASC PresidentIan Gilson
Middleboro High School
What's up, MASC? I'm Ian! There's a lot of things I like but if I had to just pick a few they'd be people, food, adventures, nature, and obviously -- stuco. My hobbies include soccer, track, and hanging out with the pals. My time with MASC and student council has truly been the optimal force in creating the best high school experience for me. If you ask me, this years theme, "MASC Labs: Experimenting with Leadership" is not merely a theme, but an entire experiment in itself.

Favorite Student Council Memory:
Climbing the rocks of Purgatory Chasm with my friends at Summer Camp.

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
If I was an element, I would be Bismuth. It's a radioactive element that is very weird, but also very colorful and fun.
MASC Vice PresidentCole Masterson
North AndoverHigh School
As you may know...I like crocs. I also love skiing, and of course I love student council.
This year's theme speaks to me because it stands out. The focus is not necessarily on teaching individuals how to become better leaders. Instead, to me, it is about taking risks and finding unique ways to solve problems. It is about finding yourself as a leader, which will make you an even better, more unique, leader. I can't wait to see you all at the MASC Labs where we can experiment with leadership together.

Favorite Student Council Memory:
Being able to deliver a speech to you all at Hyannis!

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
If I were an element, I would be Ununhexium because it's abbreviation is the sound one makes when confused (Uuh) and I say it frequently.

MASC SecretaryLaura Goggin
Silver Lake Reg High School
Hi Everyone! My Name is Laura Goggin! My favorite things (besides stuco) include my mom's homemade pizza, re-watching the Office (I am on my 3rd run now), snowmobiling, and roller coasters. In my spare time, one can find me using my noggin reading Leo Buscalgia books or experimenting with Leadership! The science nerd in me absolutely loves the theme of this year because not only is sciencey but also it tells people that it is okay to make mistakes and the best thing we can do as leaders is to learn from our mistakes to improve the our communities. When something doesn't work, we as leaders and scientists must adapt to find a better solution. I am looking forward to sharing my love of leadership and science!

Favorite Student Council Memory:
My first nationals conference, getting to meet people from all across the country that are just as crazy about stuco as I am.

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
If I could be an element I would be Carbon, that way I can be every living thing on this planet!
State DelegateDemi Riendeau
Taunton High School
Equal parts happiness, grilled cheese, and exclamation points! Strong believer that everyone has the ability to change the world in some way, if we take the time!! Loves to make other people laugh and believes everyone should own a pair a crocs!!! To me, the theme is all about finding your solution, what works for you may not work for someone else. The only way to figure out your solution is to try new things and step out of your comfort zone, experiment with yourself and your leadership!!

Favorite Student Council Memory:
Going to nationals in Oregon and meeting some of the best people in my life!!

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
If I was an element I would be carbon, solid carbon is what makes up graphite in our pencils. I believe that writing is one of the most influential things we can do. Whether it's music, poems or stories we have the power to choose how we want to share with the world, so share positively!!

State DelegateEvan Johnson
Amesbury High School
I am a senior at Amesbury High School and I enjoy serving on my school’s Stuco Executive Board as well as being Class of 2018 President, along with running XC and track and captaining the AHS Math Team. I love keeping busy and taking new risks every day, challenging myself to overcome obstacles and step outside normality. To me, this is exactly what our theme is all about. It is encouraging all members of the MASC community to risk-take and to try new things on a regular basis.

Favorite Student Council Memory:
Staying up late the last night of camp writing magic notes and hanging out with friends

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
I would be copper because it is one of the building blocks of human civilization and it can easily change its shape, so it is a flexible element.
State DelegateAnita Lahue
Blackstone-Millville Reg High School
Hey MASC! My name is Anita Lahue, I’m a senior at Blackstone-Millville Regional High School, and I am so excited to be one of your MASC Delegates this year! Though it certainly feels as though all I do is StuCo, I also love to write, organize, and be in my school’s marching band. To me, this year’s theme, MASC Labs: Experimenting with Leadership, is a symbol of the risks that we take within our councils, schools, communities, and our lives each and every day. Not every attempt is a success, but we always pick ourselves back up, persevere, and continue growing and learning until we find a solution. I also find it very fitting because this year, we will be experimenting with many new projects and ideas as an executive board! Thank you for everything MASC, I’m so excited to see how our state and each of your individual councils will experiment with leadership this year!

Favorite Student Council Memory:
Watching the freshmen members of my council’s delegation at our state convention blossom and become truly confident, enthusiastic, and amazing young leaders.

If you were an element, which element would you be:
I would be Rubidium. It’s name is latin for “deep read” and if you know me, you know my cheeks are rosey red 24/7.
State DelegateEthan Gasteyer
Minnechaug Regional High School
Hey guys, my name is Ethan but I also go by Simba or the Gas Station. I enjoy playing baseball and guitar and going to the Cape in the summer. My favorite movie is Forrest Gump and my favorite song is Hotel California by The Eagles. To me, this year's theme is all about stepping outside of our comfort zones to accomplish great things! I am thrilled for the MASC Labs and to see how we all #ExperimentWithLeadership this year!

Favorite Student Council Memory:
Running for the MASC Executive Board and meeting so many great people along the way.

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
Americium, because it is named after America

CDMASC PresidentCassie Lobe
Uxbridge High School
I'm Cassie Lobe, your CDMASC President. I spend a lot of time at concerts, performing in musical theater, and of course with student council! This year, we each have the unique opportunity to experiment with leadership within our councils. Through trial and error, we're looking to create positive results all over Massachusetts. Collaborating with the state board, the regional board, and my very own council, I'm excited to spend these next few months examining and gathering research. I hope you're ready test new things, MASC!

Favorite Student Council Memory:
My favorite StuCo memory is dancing with other volunteers and athletes at the SOMA opening games this past spring.

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
If I were an element, I would be Helium because I believe it's important to rise to any challenge you're presented with (:
NEMASC PresidentAlli Trepanier
Dracut High School
Hi Pals! A few things to know about me: photography is a passion of mine and I hope to make it a sustained career, I love helping others and making them smile-there's truly nothing better, and scrunchies are my favorite accessory! Student Council has been such a large component in my life, helping me experiment, and be who I am today. To have the ability to experiment is an essential aspect of leadership, and that is why I love MASC Labs! This year is about trying new things and embracing our mistakes! Through this scientific method, endless growth is in our future. “Every question leads to new answers, new discoveries, and new smarter questions.” ― Bill Nye

Favorite Student Council Memory:
The NASC Conference this year and having fun during the free time with my pals.

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
If I was an element I would be Lanthanum because it is a soft metal that is used in camera lenses.
SEMASC PresidentLindsey Sullivan
Walpole High School
Hey MASC! Lindsey here. Other than Student Council, my favorite things include blueberry bagels from Dunks (even though I hate blueberries), smiling, and my Birkenstocks (with socks of course). I am beyond ecstatic to be serving on your 2017-2018 MASC Executive Board, and I have complete faith that we can make this year special and impactful. To me, MASC Labs: Experimenting with Leadership represents a theme that is both unique and meaningful. Experimentation means it's okay to fail—as long as you do not give up. That message of perseverance is so important in both student council, and life. Together this year, MASC, we can work in the labs to create a successful experiment through teamwork, communication, and most importantly, kindness. Let’s do this thing.

Favorite Student Council Memory:
Peeling the Orange at Camp!

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
If I were an element, I would have to pick gold. Not because I am boujee, but because gold is the color for Pediatric Cancer Awareness, and this year I will be participating in the Go Wicked Gold Campaign, as well as working alongside the SEMASC board with Wicked Good Cause in Duxbury!

WMASC PresidentTim Bollea
Palmer High School
What’s up guys, I’m Tim. Student Council has kind of taken over my life, but in my free time I play soccer, swim/dive and baseball. I’m a drum major for my marching band, and I love being outdoors. Science kind of plays a big role in my life in and out of the classroom because a year ago my chemistry teacher gave a lesson regarding the collaboration that is required for success in science and in life and that message really has played a huge role in my life journey. As we Experiment with Leadership this year take extra special care to communicate with the people in your lab, you never know what you’ll be able to discover 🙂

Favorite Stuco memory:
Random hand hugs after Scott Backovich spoke at Hyannis.

If you were an element, which element would you be?:
Hydrogen, because gotta shoot for the stars man.