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In an effort to recognize and celebrate the achievements of student councils, student leaders, advisors, and administrators throughout the year, MASC presents several awards at the annual Spring Conference. Submitted applications are required for each award.

Awards for Students

The James Rokas Leadership Training Awards recognize individual students for both achievement and potential in their student leadership experiences, and is presented to one student from each region of MASC. The recipient of this award receives a leadership training scholarship to the MASC Summer Leadership Conference at Stonehill College. This award is presented during the closing ceremonies of the Annual Spring Conference. Nomination is completed online by clicking here.
The Unsung Hero Award is given to one student annually from each region at the MASC Spring Conference in Hyannis. It is given to a student who in their council and region performs excessive leadership, keeps the enthusiasm flowing, encourages others and is always there for that extra helping hand all while receiving little to no recognition for their acts. The student who receives this award is a positive role model in their community and has had a great impact on their council. They do all that they do for the love of improving their school and community, not to seek recognition or from want of an incentive and this award acts as a thank you for all the things that they do.

This award recognizes one student council member from each region who goes above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis with little or no recognition. The nominated student council member should:

  • Display extraordinary effort in performing tasks for the council
  • Show enthusiasm and initiative on a regular basis
  • Consistently and willingly extend an unsolicited helping hand
  • Is a role model in your school and community

The MASC Executive Board suggests that a nominee is a non-officer member of your council.   The nominee must be attending the MASC State Conference to be eligible for the award.


  1. Each school may only submit 1 student council member who must be attending the state conference. If the member does not attend the state conference, the advisor will notify the State Executive Board so an alternate may be selected.
  2. Each entry must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation, each a maximum of one page, from the Student Council Advisor and a student officer.  Each letter of recommendation should describe the nominee and detail the nominee’s unsung contributions to your school.  Please be as specific as possible.
  3. Each entry must be accompanied by this application.
  4. One student council member from each region will be selected.
  5. Entries must be submitted by February 1.
  6. Entries will be disqualified if rules are not followed.

These awards are given out at the annual State Banquet at the Spring Conference. The nomination form for the Unsung Hero Award is completed online here and is open early January until February 1. 

The Commonwealth Awards were created to assist individual councils in recognizing the efforts of their student leaders. These awards recognize outstanding student council members from MASC member schools on the basis of Leadership, Foundation, and Citizenship. Nominations for the Commonwealth Award are completed during online registration for the Annual Conference.  We encourage all schools to nominate 3 of their best!
The John Schrader Award was created in memory of John Schrader, who was the MASC Travel Director until his untimely death in 2001.  Mr. Schrader always put kids first and planned memorable trips to “Nationals” every year.  The award is given annually by randomly selecting one member of the NASC delegation after the registration period.

Awards for Adults

The MASC Henry Sullivan Advisor of the Year Program has been established to recognize and call attention to the outstanding efforts of student council advisors.  Henry Sullivan was among the state’s leading student council advisors for over thirty years.  His commitment to excellence and his service to young people in his school and across the Commonwealth provide a shining example for advisors to follow.

Member schools may nominate one advisor.  The selection committee shall select one award recipient.  The Henry Sullivan Award Recipient will be celebrated with a commemorative plaque at the annual State Banquet. Nomination for the Henry Sullivan Advisor of the Year Award may be completed here. Award nominations are open from early January until February 1.


  1. Local Advisorship: Successful candidates must have demonstrated their willingness to support student council activities with adequate time and energy, as well as have provided appropriate representation of their council’s activities to faculty and administration, and must be enthusiastic proponents of their council in the community.
  2. Regional Association Involvement: Successful candidates have promoted participation by their council in their Regional Association.  Their councils have demonstrated this commitment through regular attendance and active participation in Regional Activities.
  3. State Association Involvement: Successful candidates have promoted participation in all MASC sponsored programs and activities.  Their councils have demonstrated this commitment through regular attendance and active participation.

To nominate an advisor for the Henry Sullivan Award, the nomination form must be completed and two letters of recommendation supporting the nominee’s commitment to student council must also be submitted.  These letters should be from the nominee’s school principal or administrator and the nominee’s student council president or designee (another student council officer).See a list of past recipients


As the state student council organization, the MASC realizes that many of the activities that student councils perform would not be possible without the support of the school’s administration.  As a means of thanks and recognition, the MASC awards one administrator in the state of Massachusetts the Administrator of the Year award. The recipient receives a special plaque, presented by the MASC President at the Annual MASC Conference. Administrator of the Year Award are completed  by submitting the online nomination here.  This award is open for submissions from mid-October – December 9.

The MASC Distinguished Service Awards are given on special occasions to honor contributors to our organization.

Awards for Student Councils

The MASC Council of Excellence Award Program  recognizes and rewards the achievements of outstanding student councils or student government organizations on our state association. This award program has been created as a way of providing encouragement and support to student councils, as well as to provide standards of effective student leadership. All awards will be given during the closing ceremonies of the Annual Spring Conference. Information and Materials for the Council of Excellence Awards can be downloaded here. This is one of the few MASC awards that is not submitted online.

Award Levels

The MASC Council of Excellence is presented to those councils whose student council programs have distinguished their reputation and have demonstrated the value of student council in their school and community. The Council of Excellence is based on the achievement of a score between 40 and 42 on our scoring rubric as determined by the judging committee.

The MASC Silver Council of Excellence is presented to those councils whose programs are among the very best in our state association. The Silver Council of Excellence is based on achieving between 43-45 points on our scoring rubric as determined by the judging committee.

The MASC Gold Council of Excellence is presented to those student council programs that are deemed to be the most outstanding in our state association. The Gold Council is based on achieving over 46 points on our scoring rubric as determined by the judging committee.

The Top Ten Project Awards are given annually at the State Conference in March to ten Student Councils who have been determined to have held and submitted one of the ten most outstanding projects during the school year. Your council can submit a project for a Top Ten Award between mid-October and December 9th by submitting your project online here.

Check out the 2018 Top Ten Project winners here!

Check out the 2017 Top Ten Project winners here!

Check out the 2016 Top Ten Project winners here!.

The Five Star Councils are the backbone of MASC.  The Five Star Council Awards Program has been designed to honor those student councils that support all phases of the MASC program of conferences and leadership activities.  A certificate for the council and special recognition for the delegates at the annual conference are presented at the annual conference to all MASC member councils who have met the following criteria during the past year:

  • Sent delegates to appropriate Spring Regional Conference
  • Sent delegates to the previous MASC Summer Leadership Conference
  • Sent delegates to MASC Fall Officershop
  • Sent delegates to appropriate Fall Regional Conference
  • Sent delegates to the previous MASC Spring Conference

The Five Star Council Award is submitted during the online registration process for the Annual State Conference.  We encourage all councils strive to become a Five Star Council and take place in all of the valuable MASC and Regional events throughout the year.

National Awards & Distinctions

In addition to awards given out by MASC, the National Association of Student Councils also offers several awards and distinctions. All MASC nembers are encouraged to pursue these prestigious national recognitions.

Each year NASC proudly recognizes the top middle level and high school advisers throughout the country with the Warren E. Shull Award.

The Shull Awards recognize student council advisers of exemplary character, leadership, and commitment to young people and their development as student leaders. Click here to learn more.

NASC’s Student Leaders Program is a rigorous and challenging national skill- and knowledge-based recognition program created to identify outstanding individual student council leaders in high schools. Students who earn the NASC Student Leaders designation have demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities. Take your leadership to the next level. Start the NASC Student Leaders Program today!

To apply, you’ll complete a variety of tasks focused on building your leadership knowledge and improving your skills. You’ll also keep a record of your activities and show you’ve met the award criteria by creating a personal leadership portfolio. Click here to learn more

Middle level and high school student councils that consistently provide quality leadership activities and service to their schools and communities can earn national recognition through NASC’s National Council of Excellence program.

There are two levels of recognition. A student council achieves a National Council of Excellence Award when it has demonstrated that it meets all the NASC requirements. The National Gold Council of Excellence award is awarded to those councils that demonstrate the highest levels of leadership, plus meet additional standards as set by NASC.

These awards distinguish outstanding student councils by guiding student leaders and their faculty advisers through a process featuring standards-based criteria and demonstration-based outcomes, reflecting more than 80 years of expertise in student council and leadership programming. Click here to learn more.