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July 8-12, 2018
Worcester State University
Worcester, MA

The MASC Summer Leadership Conference is designed to teach the principles of effective leadership through a practical, hands-on approach. Students will have the opportunity to meet and make new friends from all over Massachusetts. Attendance at the MASC Summer Leadership Conference will help each student realize their potential as a leader and develop crucial self awareness skills. The conference will be held at Worcester State University. The tentative week for the conference is July 8, 2018.

Our goal is to bring out the best in each student attending the MASC Summer Leadership Conference. Throughout the week students will be exposed to many different models of leadership. In turn, this will help them identify and develop a model of leadership to use when they return to their schools.


As in years past, we will be offering a multilevel curriculum, with students being placed according to their years of attendance at our annual summer conference. Traditional skills of communication, organization, and problem solving will be taught. The three levels of the MASC Leadership Conference are:

Year 1 – Basic Level

The first year attendees will learn about themselves as leaders. The curriculum will include an introduction to communication, team building, group process, problem solving and self-awareness. Through Powerskills and council groupings, students will be exposed to new approaches in leadership. Attendees will benefit from large and small gatherings to test the theories of group and individual dynamics of student government. During the week, students are faced with obstacles and challenges, inspiring them to use their leadership skills to find workable solutions. Students will return with strengthened leadership methods and ideas to share with their school community.

Year 2 – Intermediate Level

Second year attendees are exposed to more challenging experiences at MASC. The focus lies on preparing the students at this level to hold positions of leadership in their schools and at the regional and state levels. Students are involved with creative problem solving initiatives and Powerskill workshops to develop areas such as goal setting, communication, and self-awareness. Students learn the importance of understanding and appreciating the diversity of their fellow council members and the use of evaluation when developing projects. It goes without saying that the conference delegates will also enjoy the friendship and bonding that has already developed from their first year.

Year 3 – Advanced Level

Third year attendees now get to practice what has been learned during the past two years by implementing the new skills presented during the third year. The curriculum is designed around the theory of the three P’s: paper, people, and presentation. The third year students will be asked to plan a self-directed project for their own school, and by doing so, will learn how all of the pieces of planning must be implemented to create successful projects and events within their school. Included in the people piece is a role-playing activity that focuses on the dealing with faculty and administration. Along with planning their own self-directed project to take with them, the students in the group will plan a camp event for which they are responsible to facilitate and direct.


We are proud to have have a student to staff ratio of 6 students to 1 staff member. Our MASC Summer Leadership Conference Staff is comprised by some of the finest educators, business professionals and student leaders in New England.

Our Senior Counselors are experienced educators or private sector professionals with many years experience in the role of advising and working with high school students. Our Junior Counselors are attending college and have participated in the MASC Summer Leadership Program. Our Senior and Junior Counselors have the necessary energy, drive, and experience to work with all our MASC Summer Leadership Conference attendees. Our counselors are also supported by an administrative staff of 10 including a dedicated 24 hour on-site registered nurse (RN).

All staff members have successfully completed annual staff training and have been CORI (Criminal Offender Records Inquiry) checked by the Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board.

Council Groups

Each SC is paired with a JC and given a “council” made up of about 18 students, randomly placed with a mix of students from different schools. This group will work and grow together during the week as they take on new activities and lessons.

Housing and Meals

Delegates are housed in traditional college dormitories. Nightly curfews are strictly enforced by our staff to ensure delegates are safe and well rested for the next day’s activities. Dorms are gender specific by floor or wing, depending on the building assigned. Delegates are not permitted to visit the floor / wing / dorm of the opposite gender at any time. Access to the dormitory is by key card only, and each room has its own separate key. A key deposit is required for all keys.

Each delegate shares a room with a delegate from a different school. Roommates are selected randomly and we do not accept requests for specific roommates. Roommates are an essential part of the conference experience and help student develop inter-personal skills.

Worcester State has a wide selection of food items at each meal. Both hot and cold options as well as healthy choices are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While there are healthy options, we do not police what the students choose to eat at each meal. Our staff members do their best to make sure each student eats enough and drinks plenty of fluids; these students are leaders and we expect they will make responsible choices at mealtime.


Each delegate is responsible for finding his or her own transportation to the conference. Delegates are not permitted to drive themselves to the conference as no parking is available.  Please check with your advisor to see if a parent car pool can be arranged. If no other transportation can be arranged, please contact Co-Director Vincent Crossman at and we will try to put you in contact with another delegate in your area who may be able to give you a ride.

Safety and Medical Information

Our summer program boasts a student to staff ratio of about 6:1 (6 students to 1 staff member). Students are engaged in group settings from 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM, always facilitated or supervised by our staff. In the residence halls both during free time (about an hour each afternoon) and at night, staff is assigned and resides on each floor with students. Worcester State University also has its own 24 hour professional police department. Residence halls are locked at all times.

Students are provided with various ways to contact emergency help if necessary. We hire a certified medical professional (RN or Paramedic). This individual is with us 24/7 and his/her only responsibility is our camp. He or she is visible at all general activities and have a specified location during quiet times so students can access help if needed. The Worcester area has various hospitals that we use when necessary. Students are transported by ambulance in case of emergency; for non-emergencies, the medical staff or one of our adult staff members will transport and stay with the student until a parent/guardian arrives. Parents/Guardians are contacted immediately if their child has repeated issues or medical concerns or if at any time they are transported to a medical facility and are required to respond immediately if requested by camp administrators.


Each delegate is required to attend the entire conference. A student who comes late or leaves early detracts from the entire group’s experience. Temporary dismissals are granted for extenuating circumstances on a limited case-by-case basis at the discretion of the conference co-directors.


Tuition for the MASC Summer Leadership Conference is $420, a bargain for five days including housing, food and program costs!  Registration for all MASC events is online only.  Payment must be made in full immediately, and can be paid via credit card over the phone or mailed check.