Executive Board Elections 2016-08-12T23:59:41-04:00
The election of officers will be held during the annual MASC Conference,


  • Each candidate MUST be from a school which is a current MASC dues-paying member.
  • A candidate must submit the official nomination form online.
  • The student must have the advanced permission of the principal, the student council advisor and the candidate’s parent.  Each will be notified of the nomination.
  • No present senior may compete for office.DEADLINE: the online nomination form MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 11:59 PM on December 11th.
  • A current photo must be submitted for conference video presentation.
  • Please contact Paul Branagan, with any questions/concerns regarding election information.  pbranagan@middleboro.k12.ma.us ~ school phone #: 508-946-2010 x 3102 ~ cell phone #: 508-245-2543



The PRESIDENT shall:

  1. Be an official student representative of the MASC
  2. Preside over MASC Executive Board Meetings and activities
  3. Represent the MASC at the NASC Conference in June
  4. Carry out the duties delegated to him/her by the Executive Board
  5. Present an annual report of the MASC to the Annual Conference


  1. Assume all duties of the President in the event he/she is unable to fulfill his/her office
  2. Work with the President and accept duties delegated to him/her by the Executive Board

The SECRETARY shall:

  1. Keep accurate minutes of all meetings and distribute them to all members of the Executive Board
  2. Conduct all MASC correspondence


All candidates will present a three minute (maximum) speech at the annual conference on Thursday morning.


All candidates must comply with the restrictions regarding the posting and distribution of campaign materials.

Complete details will be mailed to all candidates together with a list of their opponents after the nomination deadline.


Any officer/delegate who misses three (3) Executive Board Meetings will be removed from office.


All elected officers and delegates ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION.  Executive Board Meetings are held at MSSAA Headquarters, 33 Forge Parkway, Franklin, MA.


In addition to elected officers, at least four students will be appointed at large to the Executive Board.  All candidates for office will be considered if they indicate their desire to be considered on the nomination form.


In the event that there are more than TWO candidates for an office, and no one candidate receives a majority of votes, then the first election on Thursday afternoon will serve as a ~PRIMARY~ for that office only.  From that “Primary,” the top two candidates will have their names placed on a second ballot.  The final election will then take place Thursday night.

Students should be aware of all the RESPONSIBILITIES that go with the acceptance of an MASC office and any students who are sincerely interested in seeking office are encouraged to run.  Advisors should encourage any dynamic student member to run.  It is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

Voting is done on an equal basis for all MASC member schools regardless of size.  Each member school will be given four (4) ballots that may be cast in any combination.  All voting will take place on Thursday afternoon and/or evening at the annual conference.