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2014-2015 WMASC Executive Board

President- TBD

           Vice President – TBD

    Secretary –  TBD

    Advisor – Mrs. Angela Mass (Greenfield) 

This Year’s WMASC Events

Fall Conference

This is an annual event in which schools from around Western Mass are brought together and introduced to eachother. Here, the newly elected e-board can show their skills by leading the group in energizers and workshops. Students rotate through workshops throughout the day gaining new ideas on communication, team work and various other topics essential for any student council. Every year a keynote speaker is invited to speak of important issues affecting teens in today’s world and tells of how student council members can work through these issues.  Students walk away from the conference with new WMASC friends and memories, along with a long list of ideas on building their council.

Round Table

The round table event is a great time to reunite with your WMASC friends after the fall conference. Here, students will sit with others from different councils that they have never met before. Discussions will be lead by WMASC e-board members on specific topics involving your student council. Some subjects discussed include project planning, council bonding, fundraising, communication, and school spirit. By the end of the day you will leave with numerous new ideas on how to better your council and our region as a whole. Also, complementary buffet is served.

Spring Conference

The spring conference is a very energetic event! Here candidates for the next year’s WMASC e-board campaign throughout the day. Each candidate delivers a speech and at the end of the conference the newly elected e-board members are announced. Students attending will go through various workshops, gaining more helpful knowledge and skills on bettering their councils. At the spring conference, there is also a key note speaker. This day is always a very eventful one, with fun and engaging activites tied in with a hefty load of learning.