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North Eastern Massachusetts
Association of Student Councils

2014-2015 Executive Board
President: TBD
Vice President: TBD
   Secretary: TBD
        Executive Director: Linda Dugan
   Dracut High School

Yearly Events

  • Attends Officershop- Holy Cross
  • Hosts a Fall Conference – November 14th at Amesbury High School
  • Attends MASC Spring Conference  at Hyannis Conference Center
  • Hosts a Spring Conference
  • Participates in Special Olympic Events – Bocce, Polar Plunge & More
  • Participates in events with Habitat for Humanity

Annual Fall Conference

The Annual Fall Conference is an event in which students from all over NEMASC have the opportunity to meet one another and share leadership experiences together. It begins with the introduction of the executive board and several welcome energizers. There is usually a special guest speaker who relays important messages to the students about leadership and how to make it part of their lives. Then, the students are broken up into groups for more debriefing. Here, they are able to share more experiences and discuss what the guest speaker has just spoken about.

Spring Conference

The Annual Spring Conference consists of similar events as the Fall Conference. Usually, the spring conference is a time for schools to share and showcase the different progress and experiences they have had over the year. Also, the elections for the executive board for the incoming school year take place here. With the goodbyes of the old executive board and intro of the new, schools utilize this conference as a time to tie up their years and leave with new ideas of what the next year will look like.

General Overview

The North Eastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils consists of multiple schools that are widely spread throughout the area.  The Executive Board consists of the three officers as well as two delegates from other member schools creating a board of about 22 people. Together, our board aims to encourage the continued participation of schools across the region as they come together to build toward better councils, schools, and communities. We plan to foster an environment that is a place for students to bond, learn, and improve themselves as leaders and individuals. With a big focus on community service we keep relationships with the Habitat for Humanity organization as well as looking forward to new involvement with SOMA and other community service organizations specific to our own towns. We plan to put a focus on the importance and relevance of helping others and in doing so, bettering ourselves.